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Nursing Schools in the USA in 2010

Nursing is a great career and comes with a lot of benefits. Those who wish to be nurses have to undertake training in various nursing programs and these programs are offered in a number of schools. The top 10 nursing schools in the USA in 2010 are:

1) University of Washington
Located in Seattle Washington, it is one of the largest and oldest universities and has three campuses. They provide quality education to promote health and well-being of the community through its diverse courses.
2) University of California- San Francisco
The nursing school offers various courses and classes that involve different innovative technologies to ensure that the students are leaders in their specific areas.
3) University of Pennsylvania
Located in Philadelphia, the school o nursing offers a number of nursing programs through which learners gain the experience they need. They have state of art simulation involving mannequins responding as patients.
4) John Hopkins University
The school has more than a century in offering the best courses and research facilities that students can select from. The hospital offers a place where the students can gain first hand experience.
5) University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
The students can select their undergraduate and master programs with different specialist areas from this university.
6) University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
The students will be taught using both traditional and innovative methods with experienced teachers and using various facilities.
7) Oregon health and Science University
It offers word class educational opportunities for all professionals in the nursing sector and instill in their students commitment in servicing the community.
8) University of Illinois- Chicago
It offers programs for those who are wishing to start their nursing careers or those who want to further their education.
9) University of Maryland- Baltimore
It comes with a number of courses as well as very experienced and qualified teachers and state-of-art facilities.
10) University of Pittsburgh
Students will be prepared for the increasingly demanding practice through rigorous programs that vary in the intensity of experience and practice.

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By Jack Cardell.