Monday, October 4, 2010

School Fundraising Ideas

I thought this is the most obvious answer but I do not understand why it often gets overlooked. Parents will enjoy seeing their kid's artwork on display. There are many benefits to this activity. Firstly, it could raise the school's profile. Next, it encourages the children's parents to visit and interact with the school and mingle with other parents.
The most obvious and simple answer seems to be the school hall. But you could make it into something more prestigious by booking an exhibition hall, community centre or a town centre to add some aura of importance and significance to the event.
Be sure to include at least one artwork from each student in the school. Think about it, if the artwork of my kid is not on display, why should I attend right? This is marketing tactic. Getting the kid to contribute something to the exhibition will get them thrilled and excited. The idea is to attract as many parents as possible and if possible their relatives or grandparents. The more people that attend means greater income for the school funds.
Use all the channels you have access to. The most direct would be flyers to parents and to the public. You could also reserve a column in the newspaper. If you are more meticulous and want to attract the attention of the parents, you could come up with a nice custom printed card to distribute to the parents. But please bear in mind the costs involved and be sure to strike a balance as this is a fundraising event after all.
Mount it nicely onto the boards and be sure to include a nice little paper or card at the bottom of each artwork with the name and age of the artist. You could also group the drawings by age, class or category. Then you could place a title above each artwork to make it even more professional. Research a bit into professional art exhibitions for additional details to make your exhibition more professional.
Fundraising at the Exhibition
You could either get the attendees to pay a small sum as the entrance fee or you could ask for donations at the entry. A better idea could be to sell voting cards where people can vote for the best artwork and the most voted artwork will win a prize.

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